About Me

FeralGamersInc started in 2015, I had been made homeless due to redundancy two years earlier and during that time met my now wife Niki, who took me in and gave me a home. I had been wondering what to do with my life as I was reluctant to work for someone else again when I came up with the idea of trying my hand at writing an RPG, I had been playing since I was a teenager and had over the years homebrewed a few new rules and systems, so that is what I did, with the thought in my head that if it doesn't work at least I tried, and six years later here I am.

Unlike some I started this with no funding, my first games Delve and the Zombie Squad were done on a free word processor and converted into a PDF which then was uploaded to DTRPG for free, and surprisingly they were really popular which spurred me on to do more, but what followed were the bad years. After my success with Delve and the Zombie Squad, I felt I wanted to go on to bigger things, I and a few others formed Rogue Blade Games and began work on the Chronicles of Aerthe. The company eventually went under due to various factors leaving me to finish the game, but with no editor, an expensive and horrible layout job and one of the writers not supplying what they were supposed to I ended up having to learn Indesign and redo the layout, do my best at editing and write the bits that were missing, by this point I had run out of money and was close to giving it all up, eventually, the game was released but quickly disappeared and after closing down Rogue Blade Games I returned to being FeralGamersInc.

This forced learning of Indesign had done me a favour, not only had It taught me how to use an industry-standard layout tool but gave me the confidence to carry on. After this I released a few games mostly on my own but occasionally using freelancers to help with the workload, it has not been easy, I have been let down, verbally abused, ripped off and accused of plagiarism, twice, by people who thought their game setting or system was unique (it wasn't).

Six years have passed and I have had almost 30 successful Kickstarters, I have a number of Gold Ranked RPGs (along with a large number of Silver and Electrum). Most of my games are 4 -5 star rated and I make some money. So I hope that this will show that you can do what you want and you do not need money to do it (though it would have been much easier with it). Also, I do almost everything myself so if you are worried about taking that step, don't be it may seem hard but it will be worth it in the end.

Contact Me

If you enjoy any of my Roleplaying games and would like to hang out with other likeminded individuals and chat, also I am there when I can be then you are welcome to join my Discord server, it's very active the people on there organise games, discuss rules and homebrew stuff also just chat, so come and join us and hang out for a bit just click here

If you are an artist and would like to show me your portfolio or if you would like to write something for my games it is best to contact me at feralgamersinc@gmail.com

I also do layout work and would love to write something for your game, so if you would like to talk to me about doing the layout for your game or just writing something I am happy to chat so email me at the address above.

Of course for all the above and everything else you are welcome to chat with me on Discord.

Happy Gaming