The Ghost Ops Roleplaying Game was first published in 2017 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game would allow players to act out the parts of Special Forces operators, working for a newly formed global force called the International Covert Operations Unit, or ICO. The force was set up to tackle the growing terrorist threat as well as drug cartels, international crime and rogue states.

The Influence for the game was originally the work of author Tom Clancy, in particular, Rainbow Six and also the Ubisoft computer games such as Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six. At the time of release, Ghost Ops was the only available in print RPG dealing with this genre.

Over the years Ghost Ops has grown into a very popular RPG with a 5-star rating and Gold ranking on DTRPG and thousands of players both civilian and veteran or active service people. There are a large number of sourcebooks and adventures available and a very active community.

Ghost Ops - A Modern Day Covert Operations RPG was the first edition of the game and is still extremely popular today. 

The original game allows players to choose backgrounds from dozens of real-life special forces units from countries across the world, they would then become members of the ICO as the best of the best. The original game had packages that would cover the various different roles that a unit would have such as Sniper, Engineer, Demolitions expert etc. The operators would be able to set up a safe house and upgrade it using funds earned during missions, these funds would also allow them to buy better weapons and gear.

Ghost Ops used a modified Fudge system and also came as a Savage Worlds Explorer Edition setting and simple OSR type game. 

The Core game is still available as both PDF and Print on Demand book and can be bought here.

Ghost Ops Second Strike was published in 2021 after a successful Kickstarter. Over the years of listening to feedback and investigating ways to update and improve the original games, Second Strike began development.


Second Strike brought new ideas to the game whilst at the same time allowing existing players to continue using the missions and sourcebooks from the original. In Second Strike players had more options and were able to not only choose backgrounds from Special Forces but also Tactical Police and Intelligence Agencies from around the world. Operators no longer had to be the ICO but now players could stay as their backgrounds or become PMCs, the ICO or the newly formed ICI (International Covert Investigations which added hunting down serial killers, infiltrating cartels and spying to the game. 

Second Strike continued to use the Fudge mechanic but it was streamlined and improved based on player feedback from the previous three years. The game also came as a Savage Worlds Adventure Edition setting and in 2022 will also be released using 5th edition rules for the first time.

Ghost Ops Second Strike PDF is available here

Savage Ghost Ops Second Strike is available as both PDF and Print on Demand here