I have designed and released a number of other roleplaying games that are now bestsellers and have a number of extra resources and adventures that go with them. All my games are supported and I release sourcebooks and adventures on a regular basis for them all.

You awaken upon a beach, the ship you were on lies wrecked off the coast, all around you is scattered debris and supplies, so starts Delve.


Delve is a fantasy RPG that starts the characters shipwrecked upon the beach of a strange island, they have no gear except what they can find washed up on the beach or in their pockets. The island is on no known maps and it is impossible to leave.


Delve uses a simple d100 modified system that will seem familiar to many roleplayers as it has elements of D&D. The rules include everything you need to play and survive Cragbarren. 

The core rules along with a companion and a guide to Cragbarren are available to buy here

Stranded was created from the many requests to make a science-fiction version of Delve, so that is what I did.

The characters' ship is shot down by a corporate blockade surrounding a planet that is marked inhabitable and hostile on all the star maps. The ship crashes but the characters survive. Like in Delve the characters have very little gear except that which they can find amongst the debris and in their supply lockers.

Stranded is set on the planet RU57 otherwise known as Rust, a corporate experimentation planet where condemned prisoners and lunatics were experimented on to discover new weapons, drugs and cyber/bionetics. When the corporations finally abandoned the planet they left behind the prisoners, mutated experiments, warbots and other dangers.

Like, Delve the Stranded RPG uses a modified d100 system which many will find easy and fast to learn and play.

Stranded along with the GM screen and Guide to RU57 can be bought here

A dark Lovecraftian RPG that uses the 5th ed system places the characters in 18th century Europe, during a plague that affects the blood and turns the infected into ravishing monsters and have brought horrors from folklore and the dark angles betwixt the planes into reality.

The players take on the role of Seekers especially trained hunters that seek out and eradicate the threats prowling the gothic streets of London and Paris. Players can also choose to be Vampires, sent by Vlad Tepes who holds secure the eastern borders against the horrors flowing out of the Arab lands.

The League of Seekers is a brooding horror RPG that brings insanity and dark magics to the 5th edition.

The League of Seekers is available as both PDF and Print on Demand hardcover here

Big Fuckin' Axe is a 5th edition SRD Hack, which means I took all the bits I did not like in the 5th edition rules and changed them to something I did like and then published the result, and surprisingly others seem to agree.

Big Fuckin' Axe can be used as a resource to steal ideas from and use in your own 5th edition games or it can be played as a complete game of its own as the core book includes everything you need to play including a bestiary.

Big Fuckin' Axe was a runaway bestseller becoming a silver best seller on DTRPG in days, in response to this I started updating the file with milestones, new races, professions, tables and gear each time a number of books were sold, this seemed to go down pretty well.

Big Fuckin' Axe is available as both a PDF and a print on demand softback here

Hunters of the Chalice Lands

You live upon the chalice lands a continent in the great salt sea. Your land is a place of vast plains, towering mountains, tundra’s and scorching deserts; each hides a secret. Yours is not the first civilisation to inhabit the land, many have come before, and those have all been destroyed by the convergence, but their destruction was not complete, and many hidden treasures can be found deep beneath the land.

Discover ancient technologies and magics, unique weapons and armours from any of the past civilisations as you adventure across the Chalice Lands.

Hunters of the Chalice Lands is an OSR style RPG, simple to learn and fast and deadly to play. I also released a companion called Land of the Sun Dragon.

Hunters of the Chalice Lands is available as PDF and Softback here

Space Gits is a science Fiction RPG where the characters are a group of military convicts sent out to do those really bad jobs. This is a quick and easy OSR style RPG with a ton of depth and mission potential.

Space Gits RPG is available here, and the Space Gits GM screen is available here