A World Broken Beyond Repair

When the Elves left, they took everything, leaving behind only ashes and death. In the aftermath of their apocalypse, dark things fought their way into the light. The Blood Lords staked their claim on the remnants of the world, slaughtering anyone who opposed them. Mankind is relegated to subsistence, clinging on in a few underground bastions, and in the Last City, protected by sorcerers driven mad by the magic they wield. Somehow, you must find a means of surviving in the ruins of a magical desolation, where the earth itself is trying to kill you, and the only people you can trust died long ago. Will you strive to withstand the creeping madness of the beyond for a little longer? Try to restore some light in a world consumed by darkness? Or do you embrace the chaos, taking what you can from those too weak to defend it?

Dark cults proliferate in the streets. Dread creatures drag themselves ever onwards in search of new flesh. The world freezes, and shrinks, and shudders as it waits to end.

What a time to be alive…

The Black Iron is a dark, fantasy roleplaying game, set in a shattered world on the brink of utter annihilation. It contains everything you need to get started creating and playing characters venturing out to try and scratch a living in the wilderness left behind, and maybe, just maybe, beginning to remake the world.

The Black Iron is a Grimdark Fantasy RPG, the game is set years after a huge asteroid strikes and causes mass destruction and death. The world as you know it is beset by a nuclear type winter and the release of dark corruptions.

The players are characters born into this world either within the Last City or the dead dwarven strongholds discovered as the survivors fled for shelter deep underground. The remaining people struggle to survive against hunger, disease, corrupted monsters, the evil Blood Lords that now control the lands beyond the Last Cities borders and roving gangs of bandits and killers. The characters can be members of guilds, simple adventurers of agents of the sinister and mysterious Remnant, strange alien beings that appeared after the destruction and claim to wish to help the survivors.

The Black Iron is a game where elves are evil, the dwarfs were apparently wiped out, and magic is as much a threat as it is a help. The game explores dark themes and can be very deadly to those who do not plan ahead and come fully supplied.

The game includes a fully built crafting system to repair broken weapons and armour and to rebuild found items, a unique magic system, three races to choose from, and a number of professions and guilds the players can join.

In 2020 the Black Iron Setting Guide will be coming to Kickstarter and will explore the Pale, the Last City and the Down Below in detail.

The Black Iron is available as a full rule book using a D6 mechanic here,

The Black Iron 5th edition setting is available here