The Ruin is a post-apocalyptic RPG set in the United States of America after a new dimension is discovered by CERN and the inhabitants of that dimension decide to terraform earth to fit their lifestyle, this all goes horribly wrong and the earth is beset by nuclear war and environmental disasters before the doorway can be closed. The players are survivors that are making their way through a ruined world, facing dangers and trying to restart civilisation.

The Ruin RPG was inspired by movies like The Road, The Book of Eli and Mad Max as well as numerous books and comics. I am a total fan of the post-apocalyptic genre and wanted to create a game that was more about survival, humanity and the messed up things we do. The Ruin is kind of unique or was at the time of publication as it was one of the only PA games that did not have zombies in it, something that was later rectified by the optional Project Lazarus adventure.

The game is designed to come across as realistic without being too hindering or boring with players taking on roles like a mechanic, hunter, doctor etc rather than unrealistic professions. The players can create and upgrade settlements if they like, and also build weapons, armour and even vehicles with a list of upgrades straight out of Mad Max.

The game comes in either a d100 or 5th edition mechanic and a couple of missions and a GM screen etc is available with more coming in 2022.

The Ruin RPG is a complete roleplaying game set after an apocalypse, the game does have a timeline of events but GMs should feel free to ignore that if they wish to explore other backgrounds.

The game is filled with strange threats such as rogue drones that scour the wasteland for enemies, scrap golems who are lumbering giants built from scrap and controlled by a person that has gone insane trying to survive. Inbreds that are the offspring of preppers that spent too long in their bunkers eventually succumb to incest and cannibalism. The crazies that live in the sewers and come out at night to hunt and also the horrors that crawled out of the gateway opened by CERN.

The players can discover. hidden bunkers, rescue survivors, start-up settlements, take out bandits or militias or just go find parts for vehicles or generators. The book covers a number of locations like Chicago, Seattle, Denver and New York.

The D100 version is available as both a PDF and Print on Demand here

The 5th edition version is available as a PDF and Print on Demand here